Special thanks to my 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Edinburgh Fringe sponsors:

Rae Macintosh Musicroom

Thank you to my Edinburgh Fringe 2014 sponsors:

Vintage suit alterations by Threadneedle & Stitchbitch

Hair by Klare "Yaya" Wilkinson

Thanks to Bruce Angel for financial sponsorship

Thank you to my Edinburgh Fringe 2013 sponsors:

Tar & Roses - vintage-inspired UK-made clothing and accessories

Dote - British-designed covetable sleep and loungewear

Dig For Victory - bespoke sustainable fashion house

Thank you to the following kind sponsors for backing my first album, The Blue Lady Sings, on Kickstarter:

Bill Gee, Stuart and Ann Marie Dugan-Tyrrell, Robert and Desiree Tyrrell, John Tyrrell, Paul Wady, Simon Prager, Rik Eke, Will Lavin, Bryan Crotaz, Tamara Stein, Lisa Carroll, Mary Agnes Krell, Paul Gawith, Peggy Morscher, Aoife Mannix, Tim Fradin, Jo Shaw, Jack Hennessey, Mary Finlay, Jackie Mitchell, Steve Barrett, Rod Pestell, Ilana Sheli, Jo Stephenson, Marc McGinley, Maddie Wilson, Paul Hargreaves, Amelia Clark, Michael Roulston, Tobias Fauntleroy, Tally Garner, Lizzie Wort, Louise Gray, James Ross, Harriet Warner, Lottie Muir, Ruby Rose, Michele Drees, Miranda Mahalo, Helen Arney, Ollie Turner, Taylor Tracey, Shireen Mohandes, Lauren Turner, Champagne Charlie, Earl of Ealing, Julius Beltrame, Tom Baker, Adrian Hon, Morwenna Moore, Anna Braithwaite, Julie-ann Laidlaw, Wookie Fatcat, David Maes, Amy Saunders, Ophelia Bitz, Sang Thang Entertainment, Heike Marie Lohse, Roz Porter, The Strumpettes, Brian Wernham, Sarah-Louise Young, Liz Fletcher, The Ladies of Pleasure, Lottie Davies, Kristina Hetherington, Dinarzarde Raheem, Leah Shand, Nada Karsakov, Pitt Reeves, Mark Brisenden, Kitty Bang Bang, Gill Wilkinson, Rosa Conrad, Gill Henderson, Sean Mooney, Irene East, Modern Shows

Click here to listen to tracks and buy the album.

Thank you to the following talented musicians for their accompaniment, support and inspiration.

Connie Vanderlay, AKA Rosa Conrad - piano, musical direction, songwriting partner
Honey Mink, AKA Lana - vocals, ukelele, partner-in-crime
Sir Fitzroy Callow, AKA Roy Young - trombone
Earl Mysterio, AKA Steve May - guitar, songwriting partner
Minging Charlie, AKA Tim Clark - double bass
Bobby Fresh, AKA Ben Smith - drums
Richard Link piano, musical direction, songwriting partner
StJohn Gasket, AKA Jeremy Attwood - double bass
Al Jazzero, AKA Alex Benwell - trumpet
Kitch - drums
Nick Trepka - guitar, ukulele
Edward Ward - ukulele
Stuart Ritchie - drums
Michael Roulston - piano, musical direction, composition
Pete Saunders - piano
Farrington Gurney, AKA Russell Marsh - piano
Martin Wheatley - guitar, banjo, ukulele
Nick Field - harp
Rebecca Totterdell - violin
Toby Hawkes - viola
Jim Hurt - double bass
Adam Lucas - drums
Kevin Glasgow - guitar
Warwick "The Thumb" Johnson, AKA Johnny Cox - double bass
Magic J, AKA Jared Manley - bass
Buddy Cortina, AKA The Great Huggatini, AKA Andrew Huggett - drums
Mr Blue, AKA Steve Bird - guitar
Otis B Driftwood, AKA Geoff Hiscott - bass
Troy Trojan, AKA Tom Mansi - double bass

And to everyone who helped bring Tricity Vogue to life, especially:

Stephane St Jaymes - costumier
Salvatore Forino - production designer, art director, costumier, make up artist
Dusty Limits - creative consultant, mentor
Edward Hollis - creative consultant, editor, roadie, muse
Jamie Trendall - flyer and poster design
Anna Richards - creative consultant, copy editor
Kitty Bang Bang - creative collaborator
Aoife Mannix - creative consultant
Edward Ward - flyer and poster illustration
Aste Amundsen - prop-maker
Gill Wilkinson - director, stage manager
Dinarzarde Raheem - stagehand
Jacob Sykes - swing dance partner
Justin Toh - swing dance partner
Nick Trepka - producer & sound engineer
Robert Harrison - sound engineer
Ian Clausen - sound engineer
Alchemea studios
Fortress studios
Volupte Supper Club
The Lincoln Lounge
Millionth Muse Productions
Alex de Campi - filmmaker
Alex Norris - filmmaker
Tas Kyprianou, Elizabeth McCord, Sean Gibson, Timo Hebditch - portrait photographers
AbsolutQueer Photography, Joe Lee, Jonathan Perry, Nephertiti Oboshie Schandorf,
Evgeniy Kazannik, Leon Chew - gig photographers
David Douglas, Liam Boland, Guy Healey - hair stylists
Darcy, Elaine Amielle, Charlie James, Wakana - make-up artists
Paul Wady - gig photographer, roadie, soundman, public relations
Emma Lindley - performance video director
Liz Webber, Laura de Meo, Phil Wilkes - performance video editors
Chris Roberts - performance video sound editor
Steve Stavrinides, Tom Thorley, Auberon Swish, Quinton Du Preez - performance video sound
Liz Webber, Karen Rawlinson, Daniel Saul, Laura Smith, Helene Oosthuisen, Phil Wilkes,
Evgeniy Kazannik, James Brailsford, Jo Tyrrell - camera operators
Jurgen Schrecklich - International Lounge DJ
John Tyrrell - website design

And finally…

Tricity would like to thank all her old flames for dumping her.

So long, and thanks for the material.